Teens choose from a variety of courses in which they explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values. From Cooking Through the Torah to Medical Ethics, there’s something for everyone at JTConnect where teens have the opportunity to explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values with their peers from throughout the Greater Hartford community.

Meeting weekly on Sunday mornings from 10:30am-12:00pm at The Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford.

Open to all teens in 8th-12th grade.

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Choose What Interests You!

Explore and debate all aspects of Judaism with compelling educators in innovative elective classes. There is something for everyone!

Period 1

Forge your own Judaism – Stephen Brouillard 
In this hands on class, teens will explore the world of Jewish ritual objects and learn with a craftsman about how to put our own twist on the Judaica that we use.  Class will include forging our own yads to use in the Torah.  Space is limited. 

Why we believe what we do, and they don’t?  – Rabbi Adler
What does Jewish tradition say about parents’ obligations to children and children’s to parents? What do Jews believe about sin and why bad things happen to good people? How about what happens to us after death? Do we all worship the same God? Come explore how Jewish beliefs differ from our non-Jewish friends.

Period 2

Israel for Real – Rabbi Small
The Jewish people have one of the most ancient stories, going back thousands of years in the Land of Israel, yet the modern State of Israel is one of the youngest countries, only 70 years old. Lots of opinions are expressed about Israel pro and con, but rarely based on deep knowledge. We will learn facts and narratives of the founding of the state, challenges face along the way, and the current exciting facets of life in Israel and the challenges Israelis deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The MTV Challenge: Media and Torah Values – Marcus Fink
Music videos, sitcoms and dramas, TV commercials, and Internet sites often are what shape our views of relationships, honesty, love, language. The images can be troubling and vulgar as well as humorous and entertaining. Discover how to look at these images through Jewish eyes and see what lessons they may hold for us.

Meeting during both periods for the full year:

HaZamir: Jewish Teen Choir – Yehudis Schreiber
HaZamir is an International Jewish Teen Choir. Together the singers of HaZamir create harmonious unity and long lasting connections, to one another and Judaism, through excellence in music.  Class meets weekly for the full year during both JTConnect class periods. Click here to learn more about haZamir.

Work in Emanuel Synagogue Religious School

Teens have the opportunity to work as madrichim (teacher’s aids) before JTConnect starts from 9am-10:30am. If you are interested in being a madrich/a, contact the Emanuel Synagogue Religious School office.