Meeting weekly on Sunday mornings from 10:30am-12:00pm at The Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford.

Teens choose from a variety of courses in which they explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values. From Cooking Through the Torah to Medical Ethics, there’s something for everyone at JTConnect where teens have the opportunity to explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values with their peers from throughout the Greater Hartford community. Open to all teens in 8th-12th grade.

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Choose What Interests You!

Explore and debate all aspects of Judaism with compelling educators in innovative elective classes. There is something for everyone!

Term 1 at a Glance

Period 1 Period 2
Friends, Lovers and Enemies in the Torah 
Rabbi Small

You think your family is difficult? The Torah records the birth and development of the Jewish family and friendships in a saga rife with conflict, suffering, and bloodshed, as well as love, devotion, and attachment. Through discussion and analysis of text, this class will explore different relationships as they are portrayed in the Torah to gain a fuller appreciation of the dynamics of human attachments.

Im Right, Youre Wrong: Jewish Debate Club Marcus Fink
You know the joke – two Jews, three opinions. Our tradition, both ancient and modern, is full of instances of Jewish debate. Learn how to construct an argument to defend your position. This class will formally debate contentious issues throughout Jewish history.

History of the State of Israel
 Ron Scheps 

The class examines the history of Israel, as well as the military and political struggles that have occurred through time to survive and progress as a nation.   The instructor for this class served in the Israeli Air Force and for twelve years served as a Humanitarian Officer in the West Bank as a liason between the Palestinian Authority and the IDF. 

Jewish Ethics Confront the 21st Century   
Ron Scheps

Throughout our 3,000 years, Jews have often been put in difficult and trying situations.  This class will analyze the major issues of the day in light of Jewish ethics. From the ethics of warfare to human cloning, come to analyze, debate and decide what is the right path. 

Express Yourself: Jewish Art
Erica Bloch 

This hands-on class uses a variety of media to create one-of-a-kind Jewish art pieces that you can actually use and enjoy.  If you like to create things, this class is for you.

Edible Judaism
Erica Bloch  

Food is used to nourish the body and the soul.  Our culture revolves around food; almost every Jewish holiday and most Jewish rituals have a variety of culinary traditions.  Learn how to prepare many traditional (and some non-traditional) foods as we explore Judaism.

Work in Emanuel Synagogue Religious School

Teens have the opportunity to work as madrichim (teacher’s aids) before JTConnect starts from 9am-10:30am. If you are interested in being a madrich/a, contact the Emanuel Synagogue Religious School office.