Meeting weekly on Sunday mornings from 10:30am-12:00pm at The Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford.

Teens choose from a variety of courses in which they explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values. From Cooking Through the Torah to Medical Ethics, there’s something for everyone at JTConnect where teens have the opportunity to explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values with their peers from throughout the Greater Hartford community. Open to all teens in 8th-12th grade.

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Choose What Interests You!

Explore and debate all aspects of Judaism with compelling educators in innovative elective classes. There is something for everyone!

Term 3 at a Glance

Period 1 Period 2
Understanding Antisemitism
Bob Fishman 

What is antisemitism and why does it exist?  This course will explore why there is hatred against Jews and the forms in which it appears.  We will discuss how antisemitism has changed, what it looks like today and how we can combat it.
Jewish Mussar Yoga 
Terry Wolfisch Cole 

Yoga postures and breathing will calm you as you learn the wisdom of Jewish meditation as taught by our modern Rabbis. Classes incorporate gentle yoga with contemplation of the middot (virtues) of Mussar the Jewish movement of spiritual self-improvement. Immerse yourself in something different and relax.
People of the Book
Terry Wolfisch Cole

Jewish writers have been an important part of literature for as long as there have been stories to tell and poems to read. In this class, you will read and discuss the works of writers such as Judy Blume, Grace Paley, Israel Horovitz, Michael Chabon. Nora Ephron, and others. You will also have the chance to share your work with the group if you choose. There will be no homework.
Jewish Ethics Confront the 21st Fiction or Fact: What do Jews Believe? 
Rabbi Adler 

What does Jewish tradition say about parents’ obligation to children and children to parents?  What do Jews believe about sin and why bad things happen to good people?  How about what happens to us after death?  Do we all worship the same God? You will be encouraged to ask questions as you learn more about Judaism from a different perspective.

Hot Topics: What Does Judaism Say About…
Marcus Fink 
Have you ever wondered what Judaism says about all of the difficult decisions we have to make in our lives?  In this class, we will explore the issues that are most important to you through a Jewish lens.  Topics could include: sex, drugs, relationships, decisions making and many more.  You will also have a chance to request discussion topics.

Work in Emanuel Synagogue Religious School

Teens have the opportunity to work as madrichim (teacher’s aids) before JTConnect starts from 9am-10:30am. If you are interested in being a madrich/a, contact the Emanuel Synagogue Religious School office.