Join us on Tuesday, August 30th at Ben & Jerry's from 6pm - 8pm to register for classes!  Bring your completed registration forms or register on site.  A percentage of all sales at Ben & Jerry's during the event will go directly to JTConnect. 
Questions? Just contact the JTConnect office and we will help you through the process.
Register by the registration celebration and we will waive the $36 registration fee.

Mandatory Forms

Registration Form

Please Click Here to submit the registration form online.
Please Click here to download the registration form.

Medical Form

Please Click Here to submit the medical form online. All students must fill one out.
Please click here to download the medical form.  All students must fill one out.


Tuition & Scholarships


Registration Fee

There is a $36 registration fee for students who register after the registration celebration

JTCentral & JTAwakenings

Full Year Tuition- $625/year
Leadership and Philanthropy Institute – Full Year tuition plus an additional $125 fee
Any 2 terms + September Term - $450  
Any 2 terms - $400
Any 1 term - $225
January term only - $125


Jewish education should never be inaccessible because of family financial challenges. At JTConnect we are committed to providing all Jewish teens in the Greater Hartford area with a quality Jewish education.  No student is turned away because of financial need.
Scholarship requests are handled confidentially through the JTConnect office on a first come, first served basis. Scholarship amounts are based on financial need.
Please Click Here to Submit the Scholarships & Financial Aid form.
Please click here to download the Scholarships & Financial Aid form.

$36 Scholarship Awards

$36 scholarship certificates are awarded to teens and pre-teens who celebrated becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or who graduate from area Day Schools. These certificates are redeemable at most JTConnect-sponsored events or programs. We encourage synagogues to let their Bar/Bat Mitzvah families know about this program. Didn’t receive your certificate? Give us a call and we are happy to send one to you!