There is an ancient folk tale that teaches, “You must look back to your roots in order to move forward.” There is value in tradition. Jewish Teen Learning Connection is a learning and social community that encourages all Jewish teens to enrich their connection to their heritage and openly and confidently explore their beliefs.
Learning is dynamic and does not stop at the classroom door. Experiential learning fosters life long lessons. We offer classroom and experience-based programs that range from the exploration of ethics, philanthropy and community service to cuisine, art and culture.
Each student’s Jewish journey is unique. We give teens the freedom to reach beyond the familiar for answers – to prepare them to become leaders in the Jewish community.
This is JTConnect.
JTConnect is a learning and social program for all Jewish teens from throughout the Greater Hartford community. We offer classes in West Hartford, South Windsor and in the Farmington Valley. There’s a place and a program for everyone at JTConnect. We are a pluralistic community, welcoming students from all backgrounds - from all levels of Jewish observance and knowledge.
At JTConnect, we encourage teens to explore their own Jewish journeys by forming their own Jewish community, while enjoying courses and programs specially intended to meet the needs of today’s teens.
Classes are interactive, creative and interesting-—designed to instill a desire for further Jewish learning about our culture, values and traditions. We help teens connect to a broader community and develop leadership skills that will serve them now and into the future.