Monday, March 28th
at 6:30pm at the Mandell JCC
followed by a Q&A with Tamar and film director

Free and open to all teens! Bring a friend!
Use promo code “JTConn22” for free ticket

They Ain’t Ready for Me
Tamar Manasseh spends her summer days at the corner of 75th and South Stewart Avenue in the Englewood section of Chicago. This is considered one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, with residents experiencing poverty, unemployment, addiction, and violence. A senseless killing in 2015 spurred Tamar into action. She did something simple yet revolutionary – sat down on the corner and hasn’t left since. Each day she provides food, plays music, and brings games for the kids. While others have said nothing can be done, Tamar and the organization she founded, MASK, Mothers and Men Against Senseless Killings, have proved them wrong.

Tamar Manasseh is more than just a concerned mother; she’s a Black rabbinical student. Both authentically Jewish and authentically Black, she brings an understanding of both of these communities, even as she struggles for acceptance in each one. They Ain’t Ready For Me shows Tamar’s struggle for acceptance in the Jewish world, and depicts how Tamar’s Judaism influences her activism.

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