TLPI Grants Celebration and Senior Send-Off

MAY 22ND, 2023 FROM 6:30PM-8:15PM

We hope the community will join JTConnect TLPI students and grantee partners, for a grantmaking ceremony and the celebration of the culmination of TLPI-Nextprogram year. Support the next generation of Jewish leaders as they create change through their own mission focused fundraising and grantmaking process. JTConnect runs (2) concurrent Teen Philanthropy programs or cohorts – (TLPI@CBI and TLPI@FVJC). Each cohort has spent the year working as active board members of a grantmaking foundation – where they’ve developed a mission statement, researched nonprofits, conducted donor focused team fundraising campaigns, released their own RFP’s and reviewed grant applications; and at our TLPI-Next Grants Celebration – these amazing students will make grants to the community together. Their grants will make a real impact and want the pride from our Jewish community to shine through in support of these students. We will hear directly from our nonprofit grantees who will share their important work in the community, and the ways this grant will support needs and causes in our area. 

JTConnect offers our yearlong TLPI-Next Programs at both Congregation Beth Israel in West Hartford, and Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation in Simsbury. We follow a worldclass Jewish Teen Philanthropy curriculum developed by Honeycomb the leading resource for Jewish youth philanthropy, and our teen philanthropy classes are taught by experienced and dedicated educators.  Our TLPI Grant Celebration brings family members, grantee partners, synagogue partners, TLPI funders and supporters, staff and JTConnect Board Members, AND THE COMMUNITY, together. We will have a chance to also honor our Seniors who are graduating high school on this special evening through our Senior Send-off, many of whom are TLPI students. We hope you can be a part of this special night!