Meeting weekly on Monday evenings from 6:15pm – 7:45pm at the Mandell JCC.

Every week teens will come together to socialize with their friends at JTConnect! Teens divide into selected courses; From Cooking Through the Torah to Medical Ethics, there’s something for everyone!

Teens choose from a variety of courses in which they explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values. From Cooking Through the Torah to Medical Ethics, there’s something for everyone at JTConnect where teens have the opportunity to explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values with their peers from throughout the Greater Hartford community. Open to all teens in 8th-12th grade.

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Explore and debate all aspects of Judaism with compelling educators in innovative elective classes. There is something for everyone!

Term 1 Classes:

Period 1:

I’m Right, You’re Wrong Jewish Debate – Jason Kay You know the joke – two Jews, three opinions. Our tradition, both ancient and modern, is full of instances of Jewish debate. Learn how to construct an argument to defend your position. This class will formally debate contentious issues throughout Jewish history.
Express Yourself: Jewish Art – Cara Levine This hands-on class uses a variety of media to create one-of-a-kind Jewish art pieces that you can actually use and enjoy. If you like to create things, this class is for you.
Becoming a Better You/Jew – Eric Maurer Would you like to become a better person? Would you like a chance to become more emotionally wise, relationally skilled, and even spiritually attuned? Join this expedition to learn about Mussar, the Jewish movement of spiritual self-improvement, through discussions, games, meditations, and social interventions. Please join if you are terrible and would like to be good, or if you’re good and would like to be great. Perfect people are not welcome.

Period 2:

If you were the Rabbi, What Would You Do? – Rabbi Yitzhok Adler Each day, Rabbis are faced with tough questions. The answers to these “whats”, “whys” & “hows” help Jews celebrate & make good choices. Work with Rabbi Adler on putting yourself into the shoes of the Rabbis to answer some of today’s tough questions.
Movements of Change – Jason Kay We all know that modern day Judaism is comprised of movements. But why is that? What are the movements all about and how did they start? What do they all stand for? What if your views and beliefs don’t align with any of the movements? We’ll take a look at the history of the various movements in modern day Judaism, hear from local Rabbis, come up with our optimal movement, and more.
The Art of Battling Giants – Eric Maurer Making up the longest single narrative in the Bible, King David is one of the most perplexing characters. On the one hand he is the prototypical underdog who killed Goliath and as King united a nation.  On the other hand, he was an ambitious power player who indulged his human appetites and was guilty of adultery and murder. Who was King David? And how can we learn the art of battling giants?