Meeting weekly on Monday evenings from 6:15pm – 7:45pm at the Mandell JCC.

Every week teens will come together to socialize with their friends at JTConnect! Teens divide into selected courses; From Cooking Through the Torah to Medical Ethics, there’s something for everyone!

Teens choose from a variety of courses in which they explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values. From Cooking Through the Torah to Medical Ethics, there’s something for everyone at JTConnect where teens have the opportunity to explore their connection to Jewish traditions and values with their peers from throughout the Greater Hartford community. Open to all teens in 8th-12th grade.

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Explore and debate all aspects of Judaism with compelling educators in innovative elective classes. There is something for everyone!

Term 3 Classes:

Period 1:
The Land of Israel as a Land of Encounter with Roni Noiman
Join us as we explore the natural and human diversity in the land of Israel. Using clips from movies, we will touch upon various inter-cultural , geographic and religious encounters. Come prepared to see a whole new side of Israel!    

Justice and Judaism with Rabbi James Greene
Why is it that Jews are so involved in causes dedicated to justice, equality, human rights and peace? This class will explore the Jewish passion to repair the world and how we can be our own agents of change.

Movements of Change with Eric Maurer and Jason Kay 
We all know that modern day Judaism is comprised of movements. But why is that? What are the movements all about and how did they start? What do they all stand for? What if your views and beliefs don’t align with any of the movements? We’ll take a look at the history of the various movements in modern day Judaism, hear from local Rabbis, come up with our optimal movement, and more.

Period 2:
Israel Story: War of Independence with Roni Noiman
Jews are a people focused on telling the story of our past, but yet there is no word in the Hebrew language for history. This class is more than a string of facts and dates, it is the story of the Jewish people told from inside and out. It is Jewish history from the perspective of Jewish memory. This term’s class will focus on the War of Independence and how it shaped the State of Israel.

Values Trail Mix with Rabbi James Greene 
Our values become valuable when they guide our decision making process. Together, let’s explore what values guide your decisions, and how you can use them to strengthen and develop your identity. These sessions will focus on values-based decision making, and it all starts with making some values trail mix!

Evolution of Jewish Music with Cara Levine and Jason Kay
Music has been a part of Jewish life since biblical times, and remains integral to the Jewish religious and cultural experiences. From Hava Nagilah to the Maccabeats, join us for an exploration of Jewish music throughout the Jewish experience, including many modern examples.