TLPI Accepting Grant Requests of up to $2,000

TLPI Food Insecurity Request for Proposal

Accepting Grant Requests of up to $2,000

Mission Statement: 

TLPI is a group of Jewish high school students committed to learning about philanthropy through a Jewish perspective and cultivating our kindness and generosity through the donation of time and money.  United by the core Jewish value of Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof—Justice, Justice, you shall pursue, TLPI believes in giving back not only from a place of compassion, but because it is what is right. 

This year we will be funding projects that work to end food insecurity. The Torah explicitly commands us to feed the hungry: in Leviticus we learn of the Mitzvah of the Tithe—leaving the edges of our fields for the poor. While most people do not grow their own food today, it is still important to provide food for community members in need. The Jewish philosopher Maimonides teaches us that the highest level of Tzedakah is when you “strengthen a person’s hand so that he will not need to be dependent upon others.” TLPI wants to not only fund direct support for the hungry, but also programs that provide resources to strengthen peoples’ hands so they can be self-sufficient.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Looking to fund projects that work to end food insecurity 
  • Connecticut based organizations with a priority given to impact in the greater Hartford area
  • 501c-3 not for profit organization 
  • Priority given to organizations that will have the greater impact from donation

Selection Process:

  • TLPI members may ask to meet with representatives of the applicant organization.  
  • All applicants will be notified of our decisions no later than June 1, 2021

Applications for the TLPI Food Insecurity Grant can be submitted online by clicking here
Deadline to submit application is May 1, 2021.  

Questions, contact TLPI teen Yonah Goldberg at

Jacob Benthien (Hall ’21)
Kylie Gertner (Hall ’22)
Yonah Goldberg (Hall ’21)
Talia Greenspoon (Watkinson ’21)
Elijah Harris (Watkinson ’22)
Kyle Howe (Hall ’22)
Julia Lantner (Loomis Chaffee ’22)
Max Plenby (Hall ’21)
Simon Rosenberg (Hall ’22)


Imagine yourself on a Foundation Board where you evaluate programs and allocate money to worthy causes. How will you decide which ones to fund? That is the focus of the Jewish Teen Leadership and Philanthropy Initiative (TLPI). Students learn about leadership and philanthropy from a Jewish perspective, then by visiting agencies and seeing first-hand the many services they provide, students learn about how our community is organized and supported.  They learn to analyze grant proposals, prioritize need and actually fund meaningful projects. TLPI teaches teens that they can make a tangible difference in the world, starting right now.  Learn more about TLPI

Support TLPI reach their grant goal! Every dollar will go to combatting food insecurity in our community!

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